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AWS Advanced Consulting and Public Sector Partner with Funding

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Cloud Technology Partners for Security and ML Services

Ontario Government Vendor (VOR) – I&IT Solutions, Management Consulting


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Tips for building a Machine Learning environment in AWS

Machine Learning (ML) is the one of the latest IT trendsbeing touted by companies like AWS and Microsoft – its applications are many,from predicting in which animal species new Coronaviruses may develop to matching shippers and truckers to move freight more...

Cloud Migration – Pitfalls to avoid

In this article we provide a reality-check on the migration process and the areas where companies can quickly get into trouble. We will identify best practices and how to plan for your migration. As always, the devil is in the detail and starting with smaller...

DevOps Approach to IT Infrastructure

IT Infrastructure Projects and Web Applications that improve your Business/ROI can be enhanced by using the DevOps approach. Many SMB’s face obstacles such as lack of experience within their IT infrastructure management team only needing resources for a few months to...

Key Components of Cloud Infrastructure Security

  Whether you are new toCloud or have existing workloads already deployed it never harms to reviewSecurity – an area that evolves constantly as the threats around us change. Due to the recentGlobal Pandemic the Threat Landscape has increased with more...

Reducing Cloud Costs and Environment Hibernation

For organizations that need to reduce costs or evenclose down (“hibernate”) their environments for a certain time – the cloudoffers the advantage of “elasticity” when correctly architected. With legacysystems you cannot stop paying for a server which you amortized...

Next Generation Service and Data Protection

Introduction From March 2020 the operating world of SMB’s haschanged in a fundamental way. They can now be closed- down by governments at amoment’s notice, staff asked to work from home and their customers/markets canpractically collapse in a matter of days. This new...

Lucrodyne – “Essential” Cloud Infrastructure Provider

Lucrodyne is an “Essential” Cloud Infrastructure and Security Provider – you can still contact/call us. Categorised as an “essential business” Lucrodyne is continuing to work through this lockdown with clients ranging from government to small business. Each sector is...

AWS Public Preview for Linux-Based Bottlerocket

AWS releases a public preview for Linux- based Bottlerocket. This new feature is the new open-source (OS) for hosting containers on virtual machines or bare metal hosts in the cloud. It also efficiently installs package updates on containerized apps. The benefits of...

Governments are At-Risk for Ransomeware Attacks

Governments are at-risk for ransomware attacks because they aren't doing enough to protect themselves from malware. In fact, Emsisoft estimated that there were about 948 ransomware attacks for 2019, on government agencies, educational entities, and healthcare...

Next-Generation Service and Data Protection for the SMB Market

Join our webinar to understand the evolution of the MSP and how SMB’s can benefit. In this webinar, we compare the Legacy MSP vs Next Generation MSP including: Comparing day to day runningHardware vs Cloud/Software SolutionsSLA’sChange Management and AgilityMonitoring...


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