What Does Lucrodyne Stand For?

What Does Lucrodyne Stand For?

We, at Lucrondyne, stand for helping companies maximize their Cloud Infrastructure. Helping companies with their cloud resources is our only focus.

Our name Lucrodyne is made of two words: Lucro – Latin for “to profit” and Dyne – Greek for “automation”. The meaning of our name is, therefore “to profit from automation”: in other words, we help our clients profit from utilizing cloud automation.

We communicate what we stand for using our visual brand. Our visual brand also plays a crucial role in our company. It defines who we are and what we represent for our clients, partners, vendors, and customers.

Our brand is the combination of our first letter (L) and data migration, all done on the background of the moving forward dots that represent the movement through the digital cloud. When they come together they show the letter L moving through the digital cloud – representing how Lucrodyne, and our clients, move forward through the cloud.

Moreover, our blue colours are what give our brand us our personality: they are bright, bold, colourful, professional and confident. The same way that we are bright and confident about our professional ability to help our clients profit from cloud technologies.

Here is how our logo comes together:

Lucrodyne Brand

Finally, our typography (our custom font) showcases our commitment to providing the most proficient cloud technology services. That is why our typography built around clarity, modern design and uniformity. For that reason, we chose the “Aller Regular” font for our wordmark.

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