Success Story: Workopolis

About Workopolis

Workopolis is Canada’s leading career site for job seekers and a leader in HR technology solutions for employers. Since 2000, the company has helped connect employers and candidates through exclusive partnerships and community sites, social networking, and mobile optimization.


Workopolis sought to migrate their application and data-driven services, leveraging cutting-edge technologies like Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, to the cloud. The existing setup comprised multiple Data Centres in the Greater Toronto Area, hosting critical application services on server infrastructure. Simultaneously, there was a need to upgrade and revamp the application service APIs by adopting a comprehensive Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) and container-based solution, seamlessly integrated with their proprietary machine learning (ML) services.

Why Lucrodyne

We are a software consulting company helping enterprises get the most out of their Data / AI / ML Solutions, SaaS / API and Cloud (AWS & Azure) Infrastructure. We have served enterprises across various industries, including Financial, Media & Communications, Automotive, and Government (Provincial VOR) ► SaaS / API. ► Data-Driven Solutions AI ► Cloud Infrastructure


Seamlessly and with no significant downtime, Workopolis migrated their data centers, data, and application services to the robust Cloud platform. The transition included a complete modernization of their backend services, ensuring High Availability (HA) throughout the entire infrastructure. To enhance their capabilities, Workopolis seamlessly integrated bespoke Machine Learning (ML) services, culminating in a comprehensive and fully data-driven solution.

Additionally, Workopolis made significant strides in optimizing their corporate services and data analytics processes by skillfully relocating them to a more streamlined and cost-effective Colocation facility. This strategic move facilitated the realization of a hybrid architecture, enhancing efficiency while effectively managing expenses