Success Story: Altus Group

About Altus Group

Formed originally in 2005 as an Income Trust, Altus Group is now the leading provider of independent advisory services, software, and data solutions to the global real estate industry.


Altus Group wanted to meticulously plan and execute a flawless migration in multiple phases without disrupting their critical business operations. Their primary goal was to attain operational excellence by fully automating the intricate development processes associated with their intelligent Java-based APIs. Additionally, Altus Group aimed to seamlessly integrate a cutting-edge SaaS application with the capabilities of Big Data Analytics, leveraging the immense power and scalability provided by the Cloud. As a requirement, the migration had to be completed without any disruptions, the development processes had to be fully automated, and the integration of the SaaS application with Big Data Analytics had to be seamless, harnessing the power and scalability of the Cloud.

Why Lucrodyne

We are a software consulting company helping enterprises get the most out of their Data / AI / ML Solutions, SaaS / API and Cloud (AWS & Azure) Infrastructure. We have served enterprises across various industries, including Financial, Media & Communications, Automotive, and Government (Provincial VOR) ► SaaS / API. ► Data-Driven Solutions AI ► Cloud Infrastructure


Altus Group successfully delivered highly available, publicly accessible analytics services tailored for major clients in the commercial real estate industry. The result was a comprehensive and cutting-edge data-driven solution that seamlessly integrated the power of big data analytics, intelligent processing, and modern responsive APIs. The application, centered around high availability (HA), ensured uninterrupted access to critical services, providing clients with real-time insights and empowering them to make informed decisions.