Migration and Modernization Assessments

Digital Transformation investments need to be planned in order to yield the best ROI for your business - McKinsey estimates that around 70% of Digital Transformation projects fail due to lack of planning.

Migration and Modernization assessments can be useful tools in minimizing the risks.

Lucrodyne has proven experience in application, database and environment modernization projects. We help organizations develop a process and understand the efforts involved. Our assessments include existing license reviews and cost analysis.

Funding$$ Available! - We work with Cloud Providers and can often provide free assessments and access to part-funding for Migration and Modernization projects.

At Lucrodyne we take care of all your Cloud Infrastructure needs so you can focus on your business. We are a Toronto based Cloud Technology, Security and IT Infrastructure Consultancy.

Our Canadian team of experienced Cloud Certified Specialists help Enterprises and Government entities build-out, secure and optimise Cloud environments. We also provide on-going support for your Cloud Infrastructure.

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