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Does your team have a SaaS application idea or a need to deploy a licensed or open source software as a highly available (HA) application? McKinsey estimates that around 70% of Digital Transformation projects fail due to lack of planning. Additional obstacles include over ambitious projects, incorrect selection of cloud provider or cloud services and DevOps and developer decisions leading to vulnerabilities, scaling, resiliency and deployment failures as well as cost overruns.


Our projects include:

• Responsive Web Application Development (React / Django / Node.js)
• SaaS environment design and implementation (Licensed / Open source)
• Cloud Architecture and Security review and implementation plan
• App Migration and re-development for Docker / Containers
• Automated CI/CD for various Cloud Containers (ECS, EKS, AKS)
• App and Infrastructure Architecture Cost containment
• SaaS Application scanning for code and runtime vulnerabilities
• Web Application Firewall (WAF) Rule development


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