Migration and Modernization

With migrations and modernizations there can be many obstacles including lack of planning, over ambitious projects, incorrect selection of cloud products and migration options leading to out-of-control costs.

Lucrodyne has proven experience in application, database and environment modernization projects.

Our many projects include:

• Cloud Servers to Containers
• Applications processes to serverless tasks
• Legacy Databases to License freedom (MSSQL to PostgresQL)
• Windows .NET to .NET Core on Linux
• Application File Management from Cloud Storage
• Rapid Data ingestion

Funding$ Available! – We work with Cloud Providers and can often provide free assessments and access to part-funding for Migration and Modernization projects.

At Lucrodyne we take care of all your Cloud Infrastructure needs so you can focus on your business. We are a Toronto based Cloud Technology, Security and IT Infrastructure Consultancy.

Our Canadian team of experienced Cloud Certified Specialists help Enterprises and Government entities build-out, secure and optimise Cloud environments. We also provide on-going support for your Cloud Infrastructure.

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