Lemmings and the Cloud

Lemmings and the Cloud

So why aren’t you using the Cloud? What the heck is wrong with you? Don’t you know that it is going to solve all of your IT and business problems?

We hear messages like this time and time again from Cloud Computing players. Many of us (call us lemmings) have jumped at the chance to embrace these services. Cloud sounds like Utopia, but has anyone stopped to wonder if there could be pitfalls for their business?

Now what would the Smart lemming do? Here are a few ideas before running towards the cliff:

    1. Keep a Hybrid Cloud connection to provide more location and licensing options – while data compliance decisions are still in flux and licensing may already be procured and expensed for existing on premise servers, it makes sense to hold off on total migration.
    2. Combine Cloud services from multiple providers – cloud providers often have different pricing models for equivalent services even offering free-tier services and developer credited resources.
    3. Check the SLA for Cloud providers- do your homework and make sure all disaster situations are accounted for and the continuity of your business is not jeopardized.
    4. Backup your Cloud services – not only backing up instances and databases within the same Cloud provider but also consider the equivalent of traditional off-site backup such as Cloud-to-Cloud backup services.
    5. Assess all costs (initial and ongoing) with your provider(s) and do this assessment before starting migration of services and before signing any binding agreements.
    6. Restrict access to the Cloud account(s) in order to contain costs It’s easy to run up a large bill with Cloud services since instances and data services can be brought online in a matter of minutes. Unless your Cloud provider account is secured so that only key personnel have admin access, you will likely only know the impact at the end of the month.


The rewards for putting in a lot of thought and planning when it comes to implementing Cloud services include:

  • Substantial Cost reductions
  • Reallocation of staff resources to focus on customer service and sales.
  • Strongly improved Return on Investment


About the Author: Steven Reece, PhD is a Cloud Technical Architect at Lucrodyne and has over 20 years experience in Small and Medium Enterprises in Canada, US and the UK.

What I do
I help Small and Medium Business Owners, IT Executives and Staff leverage Cloud Services to improve ROI, reduce costs and enhance Sales and Service experience.

How I do it
Customization and Integration of Cloud Applications
Migration of On-premise Applications to Cloud
On-going management of Client Cloud Services

Contact me at:
Email: steven.reece@lucrodyne.com
Tel: 1-905-882-0701 x 221


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