Artificial intelligence (AI) solutions

IBM can help you put AI into action now by focusing on the areas of your business where AI can deliver real benefits quickly and ethically. Our rich portfolio of business-grade AI products and analytics solutions are designed to reduce the hurdles of AI adoption, establish the right data foundation, while optimizing for outcomes and responsible use.
Lucrodyne is an IBM Partner for AI Solutions as well as Advanced Analytics.
IBM Services we specialize in include:
• IBM Watson® Orchestrate
• IBM Watson® Code Assistant
• IBM Watson® Discovery
• watsonx.governance

Case Studies



Money Key wanted to achieve improved security of web application and environment. Read Case Study



EMCO needed to configure Windows Services in AWS. Read Case Study


Workopolis wanted to move to the cloud to coincide with an office move in Toronto. The Lucrodyne team provided technical and architectural expertise for all the critical stages of the transition. Read Case Study

Altus Group

Altus Group wanted to move their public facing analytics platforms from Colocation facilities to the AWS Cloud in several phases without impacting business operations, fully automate critical development processes relating to Java-based API and integrate a new SaaS application with Big Data Analytics running in an AWS Cloud. Read Case Study

Vigorate Digital Solutions

Vigorate Digital Solutions needed to migrate their databases to AWS. Read Case Study


TVO wanted a reliable and secure AWS Environment to run their web applications.Read Case Study