Governments are At-Risk for Ransomeware Attacks

Governments are At-Risk for Ransomeware Attacks

Governments are at-risk for ransomware attacks because they aren’t doing enough to protect themselves from malware. In fact, Emsisoft estimated that there were about 948 ransomware attacks for 2019, on government agencies, educational entities, and healthcare providers. The major concern is that ransomware on a government network will deeply impact government systems and local community services. The major concerns that governments are faced with are Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS), using cryptocurrency for blackmail payments, and utilizing outdated systems and software. However, even updated systems and software still need to be constantly monitored for security patches and configurations.

There are 4 measures that governments can take to help prevent ransomware attacks:

  1. They need to invest in more advanced and updated systems
  2. Need to implement staff training
  3. Need to enforce patch management practices and air-gapped networks
  4. Have cyber insurance set in place

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