Fraud.Net Partner

Fraud Detection and Protection using ML operates the first end-to-end fraud management and revenue enhancement ecosystem specifically built for digital enterprises and Fintech’s globally. helps organizations of all sizes harness AI-driven risk intelligence to detect fraud, streamline their customer onboarding and transaction monitoring workflows, and leverage real-time, actionable insights to make safer, smarter, and more profitable decisions.
Lucrodyne is a Fraud.Net authorized Partner for Fraud Detection and Fraud Protection service. We are recognized by Fraud.Net as an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner with Machine Learning Integration experience with cloud.
Fraud.Net Machine Learning Integrations we specialise in include:
• Real-time, Risk Assessment of Applications to Verify Legitimate Customers
• Continuous Real-time Fraud and AML Transaction Monitoring
• Account Takeovers Protection for Logins
• Comprehensive Risk Analysis Across the Entire Lifecycle of Accounts
• Real-Time Insights on your Traffic and Transactions
• Business-Email-Compromise (BEC) protection


Case Studies


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Workopolis wanted to move to the cloud to coincide with an office move in Toronto. The Lucrodyne team provided technical and architectural expertise for all the critical stages of the transition. Read Case Study


Altus Group

Altus Group wanted to move their public facing analytics platforms from Colocation facilities to the AWS Cloud in several phases without impacting business operations, fully automate critical development processes relating to Java-based API and integrate a new SaaS application with Big Data Analytics running in an AWS Cloud. Read Case Study



TVO wanted a reliable and secure AWS Environment to run their web applications.Read Case Study