Disaster Recovery Plans

Understanding how your workload would respond in the event of a disaster is an unanswered question for many companies, but in light of disaster scenarios that include security breaches/ransomware it has become a priority for critical/important workloads.

Lucrodyne works on Disaster Recovery Planning and builds Resilient DR environments based on RTO, RPO and budgets.

Typically we look at the four approaches of Disaster Recovery (Backup and Restore, Pilot Light, Warm Standby and Multi Site Active) and related costs as part of the planning process.

Funding$ Available! – We work with Cloud Providers and can often provide access to funding for a Proof of Concept (POC) / Disaster Recovery Plans.

At Lucrodyne we take care of all your Cloud Infrastructure needs so you can focus on your business. We are a Toronto based Cloud Technology, Security and IT Infrastructure Consultancy.

Our Canadian team of experienced Cloud Certified Specialists help Enterprises and Government entities build-out, secure and optimise Cloud environments. We also provide on-going support for your Cloud Infrastructure.

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