Data-Driven Solutions

You need to move your digital assets to a data driven approach and transform you SaaS applications and API services by enabling Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Challenges include evaluating the quality and quantity of your data and the feasibility of supplementing data with 3rd party or public sources (e.g. transfer learning), automating and monitoring model development, implementation and inevitable model or data drift.


Our projects include:

• Machine Learning Service Integration for SaaS
• ML Model Evaluation, Development and Testing
• ML and SaaS Prototype Development
• Docker images for Machine Learning Engineers and Data Scientists
• Implementation of AWS SageMaker environments
• AWS SageMaker API Model Configuration & Integration
• TensorFlow and PyTorch Deep Learning Model Development
• Development and Configuration of Microsoft Power BI
• AWS Athena / QuickSight Configuration
• ETL Script development (Python, AWS Glue)
• Big Data Process Development (AWS EMR / Spark)
• Data Pipeline Development (AWS and Azure)


Customer Success Stories:

Altus Group


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