What would your Data Centre look like in AWS?

What would your Data Centre look like in AWS?

If you are at the beginning of your cloud journey, often the best way to get started, is for you and your team to visualize your environment. Demo’s of cloud environments help your IT team break into cloud technology. Staff will ask more questions when they can see an environment up and running (usually at a team meeting or lunch and learn).

Demos usually lead on to IT teams discussing how test environments can be run and the identification of which work loads could be transferred first as you commence your “toe dip” into cloud.

Once test environments become a reality in your workplace then larger projects can be proposed to project sponsors, again using a demo environment can be useful with your pitch to exec level.

Lucrodyne Data Centre demo has helped many customers visualize how to get started in the Cloud.

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Demos available on request:

  • Data Centre Automation automated creation of a data centre and servers
  • VMware on AWS
  • AWS WAF with Lambda – serverless responsive firewall
  • Trend Micro Intrusion Detection and Prevention
  • Data Dog Resource Monitoring
  • Serverless Computing at Scale
  • AWS Log Management (Managed ELK stack)
  • Back-up and Disaster Recovery
  • AI using AWS



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