Cloud Infrastructure

With application migrations and modernizations on cloud infrastructure there can be many obstacles including lack of planning, over ambitious projects, incorrect selection of cloud services and migration options leading to out-of-control costs. McKinsey estimates that around 70% of Digital Transformation projects fail due to lack of planning.


Our projects include:

• Server and Database migration from Data Centres to AWS or Azure
• Application migration from Servers to Containers (ECS, EKS, AKS)
• Application serverless task development (Node.js, Python, Java)
• Legacy Databases to License freedom (MSSQL to PostgreSQL)
• Migration of Windows .NET Applications to .NET Core on Linux
• Application File Management using Cloud Storage (S3, Blob Storage)
• Rapid Data ingestion and Analytics (Data Streams, Video)
• Back-Up and Recovery Automation
• Server and Container Patch Automation and Monitoring
• Application Virtual Patching WAF Rule Development


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