Cloud CRM Cost Saving Tips

Cloud CRM Cost Saving Tips

Cloud CRM platforms have now become critical applications for Canadian companies, however, increasing costs, especially when factoring in the strengthening US dollar, are going to be a major bone of contention. High cost of ownership over time has been quoted as an important factor when negotiating licensing contracts, but the potential gain in business opportunity from increased functionality and efficiency, inherent with Cloud applications, needs to be factored in to the process.

So what can you do to make your system more cost effective over the long term?

Review the number and type of licenses in your contract – Instead of rolling out Cloud CRM licenses for every user, consider implementing a blend of license types. Quite often more users can be brought on board for the same cost with a well planned mix of license types.

Critically assess your administration staffing – Do you really need full time resources when you don’t have a huge number of licenses? Part-time staff with a sufficiently high level of expertise are difficult to find and long term contractors are often too expensive; which leaves the possibility for short term, cost effective, third-party support.

Get more out of the system -Most installations only use a fraction of the available Cloud CRM functionality and limit any significant customizations, but the reality is that most Cloud CRM systems can be used to run a large proportion of business processes – this is especially the case with small or medium sized enterprises.

Resource your development projects wisely -Development on Cloud CRM is usually much faster than the traditional legacy process; so the demand for development resource is much more volatile and often incompatible with existing resource options, such as full time developers or 6-month term contractors. Again companies need to capitalize on this faster development cycle and consider shorter term resourcing options.

About the Author: Steven Reece, PhD is a Cloud Technical Architect at Lucrodyne and has over 20 years experience in Small and Medium Enterprises in Canada, US and the UK.

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