Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

A Cloud Computing Architecture is a detailed plan that includes all elements that are critical to computing in a cloud environment. Whether you are considering a Public, Private or Hybrid Cloud the architecture that you define will impact your business.

Taking the time up front to Architect your system and making the important decisions at the beginning will likely minimise costs, focus priorities and ensure that the Cloud is ultimately a good fit for your business.

Now that business partners are often distributed across the globe migrating your applications to the Cloud makes for a compelling business case. Accessing your application anywhere and securely from a browser and across multiple time-zones is now becoming the expected norm.

Security and Data Privacy need to be well understood by Executive/Board Level in order to manage critical business risks. Questions such as whether resources are placed in public or private clouds and the access to critical business processes/services must be addressed.

Private data storage at a company may be an option for some but a continuous investment in tools, training and personal has to be top priority when guarding business knowledge ai??i??Ai??Your most critical business asset.

Some areas should be considered:

  • Decisions around type of cloud . Advantages of cloud vs. On-premise. Compare models VPC, Hybrid, Private, Public
  • How do I start using the cloud
  • Choice of Vendor (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, RackSpace)
  • Network Architecture for N-Tier applications (Subnets, Security rules, VPC Peering)
  • Architecting an application to take advantage of Auto-scaling
  • Redundancy and Back-up
  • High Availability (HA) Environment Design and Implementation
  • Global Content Availability / Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • Legacy application review
  • Cloud Adoption mentoring for developers
  • Managing the Cloud Paradigm shift
  • RDS vs. EC2 Database Instance
  • Cloud Concepts, RDS, Images, Auto scaling, Software Defined Networks (SDN), High Availability (HA)
  • Use of cloud platforms (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud)
  • Use of Cloud Software Services (Salesforce, Netsuite, Workday, Github, Jira)
  • Location of Data (Country, Regional)
  • Encryption Options in the Cloud (AWS, Azure)
  • Security Compliance Levels (SOC)
  • Identity Access Management (IAM) and Encryption Key management
  • VPC design and Integration with Corporate Networks (Hybrid Cloud)


About the Author: Steven Reece, PhD is a Cloud Technical Architect at Lucrodyne and has over 20 years experience in Small and Medium Enterprises in Canada, US and the UK.

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I help Small and Medium Business Owners, IT Executives and Staff leverage Cloud Services to improve ROI, reduce costs and enhance Sales and Service experience.

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Customization and Integration of Cloud Applications
Migration of On-premise Applications to Cloud
On-going management of Client Cloud Services

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