Canadian Companies must accelerate cloud conversion plans

Canadian Companies must accelerate cloud conversion plans

This is looking to be a roller coaster year for Canada. With plunging oil prices, retail failures, weak currency and downgraded global growth forecasts already playing out and impacting the economy there are certain to be many business challenges and opportunities. Our US neighbours are experiencing its fastest economic growth in a decade so it’s clear that Canadian SME’s need to drive innovation and maximise efficiencies in order to survive and compete in a global marketplace.

Innovation isn’t solely driven by large enterprises with their huge research and development budgets; A recent survey of businesses commissioned by and IDC Canada found that SME’s, with their more agile nature and with the use of technology, are driving innovation at a faster rate than ever.

The beauty of the Cloud is that it has levelled the playing field for businesses and opened up opportunities SME’s to access to IT infrastructure designed for large Enterprises; a situation that was previously not an option due to the large upfront costs. The advantages for SME’s using the Cloud are clearly huge; they now can enjoy operational and resource efficiencies together with reduced up-front costs and the ability to quickly research and capitalize on business opportunities.

Over the coming months I will be delivering executive briefing seminars relating to Business on the Cloud. The first seminar, “An introduction to Cloud Computing” is intended to provide a brief overview of the major aspects of Cloud Computing and how your business can make this vital transition. Later in the series I will go deeper into topics including Hybrid Cloud, Security and Change Management.

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: Steven Reece, PhD is a Cloud Technical Architect at Lucrodyne and has over 20 years experience in Small and Medium Enterprises in Canada, US and the UK.

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I help Small and Medium Business Owners, IT Executives and Staff leverage Cloud Services to improve ROI, reduce costs and enhance Sales and Service experience.

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