Azure’s Top 10 Recommendations for Cloud Privacy and Security

Azure’s Top 10 Recommendations for Cloud Privacy and Security

Microsoft Azure conducted research with Ponemon Institute for cloud privacy and security concerns.

Here are the top 10 recommendations that organizations can use to help with cloud privacy and security concerns:

  1. Enhance the visibility into the organization’s sensitive or confidential data that is collected, processed, or stored in the cloud environment
  2. Make sure to educate themselves about all the cloud applications and platforms that are being used in their organization
  3. Simplify the authentication of users in both on-premises and cloud environments
  4. Make sure the cloud provider offers event monitoring for suspicious and abnormal traffic in the cloud environment
  5. Implement the capability to encrypt sensitive and confidential data
  6. Make sure that the organization uses and manages its own encryption keys (BYOK)
  7. Implement multifactor authentication before allowing access to the organization’s data and applications in the cloud environment
  8. Administer the responsibility to ensure compliance with privacy and data protection regulations and security safeguards in the cloud are met
  9. Recognize sensitive information that can not be stored in the cloud and assess the impact that cloud services may have on the ability to protect and secure confidential or sensitive information.
  10. Do a complete analysis to evaluate for cloud-based software and platforms for privacy and security risks

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