8 Critical Success Factors – Amazon VPC

8 Critical Success Factors – Amazon VPC

Is your company considering creating a Cloud Computing environment for your development team or perhaps a Proof of Concept?

Having assisted clients with migrations of their Data Centre servers to AWS instances within a Virtual Private Cloud I’ve identified a number of important areas that come up time and time again and need to be part of any thorough implementation plan.

To take advantage of the flexibility and potential cost savings inherent with Cloud Infrastructure and to avoid system issues and loss of productivity look at the following:

VPC Subnet, Routes and Gateway design  – secure and controlled access within your private cloud and between your private cloud, external services and clients.

Network ACL, Security Groups and Access Rules – refinement of security access down to the level of IP address and port.

Instance type selection and sizing – choice of Operating System and supporting applications and tools as well as the optimum levels of CPU, I/O and RAM.

Environment Management and Alert Monitoring – ability to respond quickly to potential issues before they affect services levels.

Document and Database Services – fast, secure and highly available access to your documents and data.

Application Workflow and Messaging Services – incorporation of built in workflow and messaging services that can significantly reduce the load on your critical applications.

Load Balancing and Auto-scaling  – ability to create world class highly available applications using built in services.

 Connection to On-Premise Services (Hybrid Cloud) – where the location of sensitive data is critical due to legislative or other constraints.

About the Author
: Steven Reece, PhD is a Cloud Technical Architect at Lucrodyne and has over 20 years experience in Small and Medium Enterprises in Canada, US and the UK.

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I help Small and Medium Business Owners, IT Executives and Staff leverage Cloud Services to improve ROI, reduce costs and enhance Sales and Service experience.

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Customization and Integration of Cloud Applications
Migration of On-premise Applications to Cloud
On-going management of Client Cloud Services

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