“62% of companies are being attacked at least weekly with 20% being attacked daily and 10% attacked hourly”

Source: IDC/Splunk Study

Security revolves around visibility and control . The first step is collecting as much data as you can about your environment (visibility). From here a decision can be made about what is worth alarming compared to “run of the mill” distractions.

We work with clients to build:

Security Solutions that support their Web Applications.
Threat Protection Layer Designs that prevent unwanted traffic from reaching its intended target.

Other services include:

Vulnerability Scanning – aids in the detection of security threats in your environment and recommends appropriate counter measures.
Penetration Testing – evaluates your Infrastructure Security by safely trying to exploit vulnerabilities (Ethical Hacking).
Compliance Assistance – consulting services to assist with compliances such as PIPEDA, PCI DSS and GDPR.