Scared by your AWS Resourcing Needs?


Scared by your AWS Resourcing Needs?

Recruiting for cloud engineering and DevOps staff in Canada continues to be tough – we simply don’t have enough qualified and experienced candidates out there to fulfill the job requirements. Current recruitment options of advertising for staff or enlisting a hiring agency can also turn out to be a costly exercise, especially as cloud staff turnover is high due to the amount of career opportunities out there.

The advantages of moving to cloud (increased ROI, IT productivity and substantial cost savings) however, means that companies still want to make the move and need to get creative with how to solve this problem.

So how can a company achieve its cloud objectives?

The following suggestions can be useful:

  1. Extend out your existing staff using short-term certified consultants thereby supplementing for skill shortfalls or hire a cloud certified expert to train them.
  2. Use Proof of Concepts to assess a project before resourcing it with full-time employees.
  3. Utilize Cloud experts at the beginning so that you apply industry standard architecture and DevOps processes to seed the successful growth of your cloud environments


Try a new approach

Think hard about if you need your technology resources working full-time on IT infrastructure considering the efficiencies that you are about to inherit by adopting the Cloud. Most SMB’s don’t need a fulltime resource to manage their cloud.

Instead look at a “Cloud Support Package” which can be used to support existing IT teams with limited cloud experience or use a Managed Service Provider (MSP) who handles day-to-day operations freeing up your staff to work on the higher value projects.

Lucrodyne Cloud Support Packages and MSP’s are designed for every stage of your cloud infrastructure at a fraction of the cost it would be to hire full-time or contract resources.

We can cover the following scenarios for your SMB:
*New to Cloud *Dev Ops Support *Full MSP *24/7 and Stack Support
For more details on Lucrodyne Support Packages click: cloud resourcing

Migrating to the Cloud will likely transform the way you use technology in your business. To be successful, it is vital to consider the way you make the most of your own staff by considering the benefits of using outside help to leverage your most important asset.

About the Author:
Steven Reece, PhD is the Chief Technology Officer at Lucrodyne and has over 20 years experience in Small and Medium Enterprises in Canada, US and the UK.

About Lucrodyne – Business in the Cloud
Lucrodyne caters to SMB’s and Government clients within the Greater Toronto Area and offers Solutions Architecture and DevOps services to migrate your business to a fully automated cloud along with Managed Services (MSP’s).

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