For clients looking to outsource some or all of their infrastructure needs
we provide flexible plans which can include your full stack support and 24/7 cover

Example of what Lucrodyne MSP’s cover:

OS Upgrades and Patching (Windows and Linux)
Security Patching
System Administration
Monthly Account Review
Snapshot Automation
Permissions and Identity
Secure access to EC2
CloudFormation Templates (best practice)
AMI Management
Costs Review, Cost Alerts and Savings Optimizer
AWS DevOps Tool Support
Support standard 3rdparty tools
AWS API Scripting
AWS Deployments and Migrations
Application stacks including Tomcat, Nginx, IIS.
Log Management andELK stacks
DatabaseMigrationandBig Data
DataScienceand AI Support
AWS Continuous Integration including Jenkins
Ansible, CloudFormation, Terraform Scripting
Containers and Serverless Computing

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