Amazon AWS

Amazon AWS offers reliable scalable and cost effective Cloud Computing services. You only pay for your use of services. Our AWS engineers can design, implement and provide support for your move to the Cloud or help you capture the maximum ROI from your existing Cloud services.


Please consider the following:

Deciding on the right type of Cloud (Private, Public, Hybrid)

Network Architecture (VPC, Subnets, Security rules, VPC Peering)

Integration with Corporate Networks (Direct Connect)

High Availability (HA) Environment Design and Implementation (Load Balancing, Autoscaling)

Data Security and Compliance (SOC)

Use of AWS Data Services (RDS, Aurora, Elasticache, Redshift, ElasticSearch, S3)

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Need help getting your cloud service off the ground? We take care of the whole process from migration planning through design and implementation.

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Need to improve your existing Cloud services? Our experts can review your cloud applications and infrastructure, then provide customization and integration solutions.

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Managing your own Cloud services can be costly, time-consuming and complicated. Minimize your disruption and maximize ROI by using our ongoing support services.

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